What are we doing?

Aside from drinking lots of coffee we like to think we are here as a sounding board for our clients and candidates.
Candidates who want the perfect job. Clients who want the perfect hire.
Our aim is to try and make sure everyone is happy with the outcome.
We are not here to win awards, we are far more happier to get a phone call because our service has been recommended.
It is why we do what we do very well, plus drinking the coffee.

Career Path


We are here to give you guidance if  and when required. A career is a long-term pursuit of a lifelong ambition. You may or may not need any particular education or special training to do a job but a career requires some sort of specialised planning that develops an individual’s ability to do the work that a career entails. That’s exactly what we plan to do to help you achieve your aspirations.

Recruiting Candidates


We couldn’t do this job without you, you’re the reason our Clients work with us. So if you’re looking for your next career move or if you just like to stay up-to-date with what is happening in your market feel free to register and we will send you the occasional email with matching jobs. However if you would rather register and then never get emails from us please feel free to tick the little box (We might still call though from time to time. We do that sort of thing.) Please check out the job page and see if there is anything there that catches your attention.

Cloud Recruitment Solutions London - Clients


We work with you to make your life easier. We are not here to make a quick buck and ride off into the sunset. We are available as much, or as little, as you need. Our consultants are here to inform you of market trends, who is hiring, who is firing, where there are similar teams who might be looking for a move. We will give you realistic time scales for your requirements and provide you with relevant candidates. We are not here to say “Yes” we are here to give you honest feedback on your requirements and work with you to get the best possible person in the job adding value to your team and organisation.

Cloud Recruitment Solutions - Technology


Cloud RS Technology has an established presence across Finance and Government Sectors. We provide a consultative approach to the way we work and try to not put square pegs in round holes. We know that sometimes as Recruiters we can not cover the entire market, and if we can’t provide our candidates with what they are looking for, we are happy to make introductions to people who can. We are a small team with 20+ years of experience finding people jobs that make them happy, and that is why a high proportion of our clients are ex-candidates.

We cover all technical disciplines and have placed people in positions ranging from Helpdesk Support all the way up to CTO across multiple continents.

Accountancy & Finance

Cloud RS Finance & Accountancy is a new division for Cloud. Our Consultants come from a Finance background and moved into Recruitment. They understand the market, and have a wealth of knowledge in varying verticals. Already they have established themselves in a very competitive market.

With the continuous changes across Banking and Finance, we look to stay ahead of the market and by working with our clients closely make them aware of competitor projects and how they can identify and attract the candidates they need with minimal headaches.

Cloud Recruitment Solutions - Finances


Cloud RS Fintech is a new Division for us. Through a number of referrals from our existing client base we have grown to realise there is a need in the Start-Up community for Partnerships with Agencies. We don’t work with the only goal to get a bum on seat.

We work with the Start-Up to understand what they need, how they want to grow, then provide as much MI as possible through the process to help them recruit for themselves in the future. With this approach we are now under retainer with a number of Start-Up’s and even offer help and support with VC Funding.

  • Sandip Joshi (Project Manager)

    “I have known Cloud recruitment solutions for some time now and in my current role I always look to a handful of agencies, I can confirm that the applicants through Cloud have always been very well suited to each role in terms of both character and skills”

  • Leigh Patterson(Transformation Lead)

    “Having been a contractor for some time I found the Cloud’s recruitment approach refreshingly honest and transparent, recruited into my current position by Cloud and since this time I have recruited resources using Cloud and other agencies it has been quite noticeable the caliber of staff presented to me by Cloud, the consultants are very well informed”

  • Gurjit Thakur (Project Manager)

    “As a contractor you are always on edge as your contract is coming to an end, I was very surprised how much effort Cloud consultants made during the weeks leading to my end date, I was provided with 3 opportunities and then even had the chance to choose which position I wanted to take, cannot think more highly of the people at Cloud”

  • Mandy Halsey(Human Resources Manager, Europe)

    “We have been working with Cloud RS for more than 5 years and their service has always been excellent. Their understanding of the business needs and culture of the organisation’s that I have worked for enables them to provide us with high calibre applicants for review. They have always been incredibly professional, honest and reliable and I would not hesitate in recommending Cloud RS to anyone.”



Job searching for candidates has always been hit and miss. Finding the right fit employee has always been a tender experience, let’s make it better! We envisioned making things better for everyone, not just the top tier executives of candidates and employers. So we decided to combine our wealth of experience in our specialised market sectors to create CloudRS a unique and positive experience connecting people to achieve their aspirations, by understanding the needs of our clients, job seekers and job board managers to provide a tailor made solution for all.

“Bring your career to life!”

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