I don’t want to say the fame and adulation that comes with being blogger has gone to my head… But I have started to notice small changes in the way I view people’s posts (Or “opportunistic drivel” as we call it in the blogging world.)

I am by no means an expert on social media, but I believe we use it to be heard? I mean whats the point of writing any form of content and then nobody seeing it? It’s a bit like Michelangelo (Not the turtle) painting the Sistine Chapel and then never letting anyone enter.

But what if Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel and nobody came to see it? Maybe old Mike (I can call him that, you can’t) didn’t have the right connections to get the audience in? It’s not like the nuns were out around town shouting about how they had their ceiling painted. Even if they did would you go if a Nun comes up to you and says:

“Hey some guy called Mike painted our Ceiling last week, you should come look?”

Ill pass… Thanks for the offer though.

So what am I trying to get at?

Well I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and us Recruiters we love to post our exciting jobs

“My Client has an exciting role, with an exciting…” – Every Recruiter Ever.

But 0 likes, 0 comments. And over and over the story goes. Metaphorical tumbleweeds are rolling down your trendy office. So why bother continuing with the same tact? I can’t imagine their are many bosses in Recruitment Firms who are telling you to “Shut up and get it on LinkedIn.” If you feel forced to do it because you have KPI’s based on Social Media Presence… Well firstly KPI’s, secondly what the actual fu…?

Lets get constructive, shall we review the problem?

So you have written something, maybe it took you 5 seconds (based on some of the stuff I read I can believe that), maybe it took you a day of sitting in the foetal position under your desk to come up with an idea. (Obviously there is an in-between state.)

Now you need to get it out there, people need to know about this exciting role you have. So check your audience, if you are sitting on LinkedIn with 26 connections (Most of them consisting of people in your office and family members who are “professional”) then you are obviously not getting much screen time? So expand your network, join groups, get social, read other people’s dross and comment. Yes it takes time, yes you can’t tell your Boss your call numbers are down as you were socialising on LinkedIn.

Now a lot of people will say don’t connect with other recruiters… “They go through all your connections and steal all your clients.” Seriously? If people actually do that then I doubt they have the mental reasoning to do anything with the information. The reason you connect with Recruiters is because we talk… a lot. If they like your post, they will open it to their network, which has more recruiters, who like it, and share it again. The more comments the more exposure. Result.

So if you are sitting writing posts on Social Media and the only person that likes it is your Boss, or the weirdo in your office who likes everything you do (They have an ulterior motive duh.) So check the quality. Does anyone other than your Boss, and that creepy guy who keeps asking you out for a drink every night, actually think its engaging? Do you have a network that will find it interesting?

Else whats the point? Why are you writing content nobody will ever read. What is your return on investment?

Seriously its depressing, I do 5 pity likes a day. So if you see me liking your posts and its only me… Yeh. Sorry.

Tim Chattaway – Recruiter & Senior LinkedIn Pity Liker