I was writing a blog earlier today, and it was going pretty well. I had a cracking Headline, a good body of text, it was hilarious. All the people who’s wages I pay even said so. But… I was writing it because I am trying to blog more, not because an idea came into my head.

Then I had a revelation…

Have you ever seen the program First Dates? It’s on Channel 4. It’s on about that time when something good has finished and you are waiting for something else good to start.

So the premise is to put a blind date on TV. Over the course of the night there are a few different dates happening in the restaurant. Usually a mature couple who are really sweet and have a back story that makes you want to die young. Then you will get a couple where one of them is slightly eccentric. Then you have the final couple. This is the couple we shall be looking at today.

The Young Couple:

So this couple can take many shapes or forms however there are always a few constants:

The Woman is attracted to bad boys.

The Guy is either really in-touch with his emotions, or the complete other way. When she goes to the toilet the chap is cracking on to the waitress… No really, that happened.

Your probably wondering right now, where I am going with this, and why you are reading an article about last nights TV?

So lets put a key together for my next part:




The Story (No innuendos):

“The Woman has been having relationships with Bad Boys on and off for the last few years. She even has a list (one might say a preferred list) of guys she used to date on and off occasionally one of them will send her a Facebook message seeing if she wants to meet up. However she knows nothing meaningful will come from it, just broken promises.

Then one day she meets Mr Right, they bond instantly. She talks about how she has only ever dealt with the wrong type of guy, and they never delivered. Mr Right understands, and they talk for hours about how he can service her requirements and that he won’t let her down and they agree to try things out and catch up in a few days.

So she walks away happily thinking about how this could be an amazing thing. Sends out a whatsapp message to her friends and talks about Mr Right. One friend (We all have one, you know the one, the one who see’s other peoples happiness as a sin) points out that Big Dave (One of the first people on the list) just got out of Prison and she saw him in Nandos last week and he was asking after her…

Long story short, Mr Right is forgotten. He tried to call a few times, and eventually he moved on got married and delivered on all his promises. Sadly that list was never reviewed and the subject of our story eventually (after a lot of bad choices) through her list into the Thames, stayed of Tinder and found Mr Right.

*Your all probably thinking that I should start writing a romance novel, and I am considering it for my twilight years.

So what is the moral to my story…

Recruitment, like most industries, has its good and bad people. Sometimes you will come across an individual or a company that truly has the best intentions and could possibly make your life/work easier. Not just a supplier but a partner. Perhaps you should stop worrying about a silly list, or by comparing them to everyone else you have worked with and take them at face value.

What do you have to lose?

Tim Chattaway – Recruiter, Future Light Romance Novelist (In my dreams)