This article will probably get lost in the gluttony of post New Years Recruitment blogs washing through Social Media like a tsunami hitting Becktons Sewage Works, but hey kills 5 minutes am I right?

The Christmas break is a funny time. Depending on your propensity to being jolly and generally merry of course. This maybe a shock to you readers but I am a bit of a grinch (shock horror) I just don’t get it. People by people presents for the sake of it in most cases. The charity shops near me do very well after Christmas. I always ask for socks and underwear, every year (Since I could talk probably.) I generally get one pair as everyone thinks I am joking. I am not.

So anyway, you spend the entire Christmas break drinking far too much as you have lots of spare left over after the main day, and boxing day, and that day after boxing day that’s a bank holiday as well. You stay up later as their is so much rubbish on TV that you become desensitized to it. So will gladly watch some Schwarzenegger film that was made during his time as The Governor of that place (Seriously what happened to Christmas Specials like Only Fool’s and Horses, Royal Family, etc? Gogglebox Christmas Special??? Seriously.)

You then get to the day before your first day back in the office, you have a new set of underwear and socks, still in the box, ready for work the next day. You think of all the things you are going to do, how this year will be the best ever. Its basically like your own brain is creating Leonardio DiCaprio Motivational posters in your brain. You remember to have a nice early night, need to get that biological clock back and ticking at the right times. No more up at 10am and half a box of Cadburys Roses for breakfast (by the way wtf did they do to Roses packaging? Stupid idea.)

Then you wake up.

You realise its not just your first day back, its everyone’s first day in the New Year. There are millions of people in the UK alone with these same thoughts and those people aren’t all in roles that require them to spend 90% of their day going “Look at me, look at me, be my friend!” These people will be having meetings about budgets, and forecasts for the next year. They will be catching up with colleagues and pretending they care what they did over Christmas. Will they really want a call from The Recruiter? I know its 10.26am where I am and I have not had a PPI call yet, so even those morons know this day is sacred.

I like to imagine their are thousands of recruiters all over the UK at the moment staring at their phone going…

“Should I try and do some BD today? Maybe I can throw in some lines about New Year New Agency? People love that shit.”

But I will be catching up on my teams Christmas Break (I care guys, I really do) and finishing all the reports and updating all my documents to say 2017.

Maybe Ill speak to some existing Clients today, and ask them their thoughts.

But would you honestly want a call from a salesperson today?





Tim Chattaway – Recruiter, Cares about what you did last Christmas…