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Hi names Tim, first time Blogger long time opinionated Recruiter. You may have seen me comment on one of your posts and wondered if I am incredibly insightful person. I am not.

I will now proceed to make all the fatal mistakes first time bloggers make; going off on wild tangents, never really getting to the point, lots and lots of pictures and horrendous grammar.

The Story:

I remember a few years back I was working for a company going through a re-brand process. The idea was to look at what made us different from everyone else. As you can imagine many brain storming sessions followed.

“I would say we are pretty innovative”

“I think we do things differently”

“We care about our candidates.”

“We try and act fairly.”

*None of the above comments actually reflect what we came up with, most of the things said are not repeatable on a professional networking site. Ill post the unabridged version on Facebook later.

“Great, cheers guys/gals. We have now described exactly the same tripe every other Recruitment Company says about themselves.”

So, are we actually different? Are we better than anyone else, or just a different shade of beige?

If you work in External Recruitment, I imagine a Client has turned around to you at some point in your career and asked:

“What makes you any different from the 101 other agencies that call me every day?”

You have that deer in the headlights look, and in that moment, you either come up with something amazingly profound, witty and endearing. Or you go “erghhh” trail off a bit and reel of some excrement someone you never met wrote on your website to describe what you are supposed to be like.

So maybe the difference is having your own identity. Not the identity your Manager tells you to have, because that worked for them back in 1992… Usually by them walking off to stare moodily out a window whilst launching into an internal monologue about the “Old Days.” In this situation look out for the trigger words “Trenches”, “Globalisation” or “Domination.” If you hear any of these words get out… Now.

Sorry this Is why I don’t write blogs, I go off on tangents…

Anyway, where were we? Identity.

You may be an amazing sourcer. You might be completely driven by money (you nick the toilet rolls from the office bogs don’t you?) You might be able to sniff a job from 100 paces. But ultimately without your personality/identity you’re the same as someone else. Use it, be different.

Not saying you need to go on a weekend spa retreat to “Find Yourself” and I am not saying being different will earn you more money. I am different (Mum said I would grow into my ears L ) You will still probably run into those Companies/RPO’s that won’t work with you because their PSL agreement was written on the same stone as the 10 commandments…

Hey at least you can go on LinkedIn write some funny comments and get viewed by lots of Recruiters. That’s just as good, right?

Tim Chattaway – Doesn’t even know what a Pronoun is.