I think I missed the memo…

Did the Recruitment Community get so upset with all the Recruitment bashing threads that one bright spark thought:

Joe McRuiter: “Well candidates do things wrong, lets tell them they are rubbish too!”

Then the posts began… And lo there were many. Recruiters from all over the UK united to band together with one purpose… To tell LinkedIn that, drum roll, candidates don’t attend interviews and it hurts the Recruiters feelings.

In my day my Boss would probably have told me to put my big pants on, make sure I remove it from my KPI’s for the week (always hoped he would forget about that), and probably berate me like Dr Cox from Scrubs for 10 Minutes on how I could have done a better job.

But you know what LinkedIn? I looked at what I did and improved or at least changed some of the process and tried again.

People are inherently driven by emotion. Logic might dictate that this job is the best job in the world and could be a great opportunity for them (Well that’s what the recruiter said.) But the Dog did a crap on the kitchen floor, and the milk in the fridge is off, oh great, and the trains are not stopping at London Bridge. Then their phone wont stop beeping as the Recruiter has sent 10 messages this morning reminding you to dress smart and brush your teeth. Do you know what… not today. Phone off.

It happens, is it the recruiters fault for not engaging with the candidate effectively? Possibly, is it the candidates fault for having a bad day, maybe. Is it the Clients fault for not giving the recruiter enough ammunition to sell the job? Probably.

Getting a candidate for interview is a long process that starts way back when you first take the brief from a client. If you, the recruiter, and them, the client. Aren’t on the same page the Candidate is always going to have doubts and be less engaged.

Sometimes it is absolutely someones fault for stuffing up a process. However we are paid to be the people in the middle… It is our job to try and rectify and fix things and make it work. Sometimes we can’t but don’t go thinking you are hard done by. These things happen.

I imagine everyone on LinkedIn is a candidate to someone, or a client for someone (Even Recruiters). Do you think if you complain about them then they are going to be on your side…

Its a cycle of woe. You complain, then someone else complains about you complaining, then someone else complains about you complaining about someone else complaining and so on. Instead of complaining do something about it.

Look at your process all the way back to the first call and think “Could I have done that better?” If you say no. You are kidding yourself.

Tim Chattaway – Recruiter, Probably stuck in a tunnel.